Crown Whiskey Set Set37

Brand : HIREF
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Handcut Glass with a Chintamani Soul


Artır Azalt


During the Selim III period,  glass workshops were founded near Beykoz by the craftsmen  educated in Venice, mastering glassworks. As the time goes by "Beykoz Glass" evolved and became the most dearest art in Ottoman Empire. "Beykoz Glasswork Art" grow to be more and more popular in Europe at the time, especially for the ravishing Çeşm-i Bülbül and  Opaline Glasses.  Beykoz Collection is specially made for you  by our skilful craftmen. 


The pattern which consists two intertwined crescents is also known as Leopard Spots. The powerful leopard's spots represent the Sultan's strength. In early Ottoman Era,  Chintamani was used for fabrics and tiles. It gives simplicity and sedateness to the room which it is used in. Chintamani forms three eye shapes with circles and crescents; each of them has a meaning: "Eye of the Heart, Eye of the Mind, Eye of the Earth". None of these eyes interfere with one another;which represents life's perspective in harmony.