Seljuk Turquoise Tile Jar 817-S

Brand : hiref
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Seljuk Turquoise Tile Jar with a Silvet Plated Symbol 817-S  H: 24 cm


Artır Azalt


It is derived from the expression of the word Turkish in French. It means ''Turkish Blue'' In medical world, it has been evidenced that the colour turquoise soothes and calms down the patients. It was the most popular colour for Iznik Ceramics in the Ottomans. Many mosques were constructed and adorned with ceramics in this colour.


Covering the period of 1060-1307, Anatolian Seljuk Empire ruled over the territory for three centuries. During this period the real legacy of art has been the actual strength of the Anatolian Seljuk Empire. Dynasty artisans have managed to captivate people for centuries with their magnificent arts. Characteristic Seljuk Patterns, almost extending to infinity, always have been taking place beyond the time period. After all, time has always maintained this magnificent arts.

Hiref designed a new collection which is inspired by timeless Seljuk arts.